Environment club


We appreciate nature as we maintain it since we know

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness and as a school we value our environment for a brighter future."

There are a number of important reasons for having a strong Environment Club.

  • The club should be run in the same style as an adult club and run with a business like attitude. This will give students the opportunity to develop a number a personal and business skills.
  • The club can be a monitoring group for ALL of the schools environmental/sustainability activities. (Monitoring and developing reports, planning and implementing activities; assisting staff in monitoring related programmes and holding regular meetings. This will take a great deal of the day to day pressure for running these activities off the staff of the school.)
  • It is a wonderful way for the young people to develop a sense of ownership, school pride, adding to the community spirit.
  • It gives students a real sense of responsibility for their place of learning.
  • It helps students develop their personal skills such as communication (verbal and written), as they will have to write and present reports. They will have to work with a number of adults such as parents and staff as well as people from outside organisations. Through these activities they will become more articulate, more confident, more creative and develop a sense of purpose as they are able to develop their ideas into practical activities for the club and the school.


"I take this opportunity on behalf of St.michaels Girls primary school to invite you to this learning institution and greatly honored”.

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